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What to wear midi skirt

Many girls do not like midi skirts, considering that they are more suitable for older ladies. But women with experience, in turn, refuse to midi, arguing that this length shortens the legs. We will dispel all stereotypes, find the perfect midi skirt model and create amazing images with it.

How to choose the perfect midi
Midi – this is not the style, this is the length of the skirt, and not exactly indicated. Everything that ends between “just below the knee” and “just above the ankle,” refers to midi. Therefore, it is impossible to say with certainty that someone does not go midi skirts. After all, you can choose the length and style so that it is your figure that looks neat and attractive.

If you have full legs below the knee, avoid skirts up to the middle of the calf – they will further expand the problem area.
If you are short, choose the shortest midi option.
Full legs and ugly hips will help to hide midi skirt.
Fluffy midi skirt with pleats and ruffles goes to young girls – older women should choose more elegant models.
A midi skirt with high slits on the sides is equivalent to a mini and in some situations it may look out of place and defiant, but for a party or a date such a seductive model is perfect.
Short legs can be easily balanced with high heeled shoes or a midi skirt. Just tucked up a blouse or top in a skirt, you visually pull the bottom of the figure.
A little bit about color. Midi skirts in bright colors and skirts with prints will help to emphasize the hips. If you want to avoid heightened attention to this area, choose plain skirts of discreet colors.

Midi Fluffy Skirt
Fluffy skirt does not necessarily have to expand right from the waist. Pay attention to the fashionable midi skirt of the mermaid silhouette, where the volume part starts from the knee or slightly higher. This style is allowed only with extremely slim legs, but if you have extra weight in the thighs and calves are thin, the mermaid skirt will make your figure more proportionate. For skirts, mermaids fit tight turtlenecks, loose sweaters with a lowered armhole and a round neckline, fur jackets, bombers. If you have narrow shoulders and a slim silhouette, choose either a model of a skirt that is not too lush, or balance the “tail” with volumetric sleeves, frills in the shoulders and chest areas, and a massive scarf.
This year, designers offer to combine a midi skirt, flared from the knee, with elongated jumpers, cardigans, vests. We took the most simple skirt from inexpensive fabric of classic black color and added it with a chic original cardigan under the belt. Under the cardigan they put on a simple black top, on their feet – unusual shoes. Small clutch – in the color of the finish of shoes. A voluminous cardigan collar, fitted silhouette, perfect length – outfit extremely harmonious and balanced. Fluffy midi skirt

Midi leather skirt
Leather midi of any style and color will look bold and slightly aggressive. You have two options – to enhance this effect or soften it. In the first case, add a leather skirt with a pullover or a vest with a bold print, a leather jacket, a leather backpack, leather boots with a flat sole. Of course, not all at once – with something one of the list, because if you want to fully withstand the style of rock, it is better to choose a different length of the skirt or replace it with pants at all.

To give the image of a midi leather skirt delicate notes, put on a knitted openwork top, pumps on a stiletto heel, a chiffon blouse, take a clutch with rhinestones. It is not necessary to combine the skin with coarse fabrics – if denim, then light, if the yarn is thin. Look at the proposed onions, filled with delicate details, in a gentle peach color – does it look aggressive?

The midi “pencil” midi skirt can make the figure more slender and graceful. And if it is also leather, your look will be incredibly sophisticated. You can combine such a skirt with a corset, short jacket, blouse, angorov turtleneck. If you have a small chest and small stature, you will certainly go with a high-waisted midi skirt. You can fill it with a blouse, leaving a lap and a tight top with a long sleeve. Midi skirt pencil

Printed midi skirt
The best option is a combination of a skirt with a print and a one-colored top, and this can be a top, blouse, pullover, jacket. The brighter and extraordinary print, the less decorative elements should be in the upper part of the dress. It is better to complement the image with a necklace or necklace to match the colors of the skirt. The best look is a summer midi skirt with a print – in winter, it is preferable to choose plain versions for a skirt of that length.

Today in the trend of a combination of prints. Sometimes it is not easy to make it even for professional stylists, but it’s always worth a try. Start with prints in the same color palette. Let it be a skirt containing turquoise, emerald green, and the top, decorated in pale green, coniferous shades. Use large patterns in combination with small ones.

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