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Fashionable swimsuits – new and beach trends

A swimsuit is an amazing piece of clothing. We only put it on the beach or in the pool, it sometimes consists of unforgivable miniature fragments of fabric, but we approach it as carefully as possible. Swimsuit – outright revelation, sometimes he exposes the flaws of the figure, who do not want to flaunt. Surely, every woman knows which swimsuit goes to her, and which one is categorically contraindicated. But every year more and more new models of swimwear become relevant, and you need to choose such an option so as not to spoil the silhouette, and keep up with modernity. What are the trends of beach fashion designers have prepared for us?

Fashionable swimwear for full ladies
Often, overweight girls are convinced that separate swimsuits are taboo for their figure, but this is not at all the case. The fashion shows this year have made a splash of tankin swimsuits, the top of which is a tank top. It is the variety of models that is impressive this season – these are the tops on the straps, wrestling shirts, elongated sarafans. In such a bathing suit lush girls can feel free from their body, stylish models will make each figure attractive and spectacular.

What about tan? If you want to bare your body a little more, pay attention to the equally fashionable sports models of swimsuits. Swim shorts are high shorts with shallow side notches, and the top is a top without stones, thanks to which a full chest looks 1-2 sizes smaller. The theme of sport on fashion catwalks was supported by mesh inserts and zipper on the top – decorative or functioning.

Turquoise tankini with an elegant top and slip-on swimming trunks will appeal to many ladies with mouth-watering shapes. The belly and hips are tactfully covered with a swimsuit fabric, and the triangular neckline slims the figure visually. The original fastener on the back of the head makes the model unique. We will complete the image with maximally open sandals, a wide-brimmed hat and a sweet but roomy wicker bag. Fashionable swimsuits for full ladies

Note that there were not so many swimsuits on the catwalks this year. These are classic sports models of motley colors and strapless products, decorated with 3D prints. Memorable models – swimwear with long sleeves, which are created not so much for swimming, but for beach parties. It is necessary to supplement such a swimsuit pareo, and it will turn into an elegant dress.

The lack of closed swimsuits made up for a variety of monokini swimsuits – fused models with cutouts on the sides. Here, designers did not limit themselves by decorating clothes with ruffles, ruffles, bold colors, fringe and beads. Separately want to highlight knitted openwork swimsuits. They are incredibly feminine, look very frankly, although properly cover intimate parts of the body.

Composed the image we would offer a very slim girl who seeks to add seductive roundness to her figure. Bright monokini with cutouts on the sides visually expands the hips, and draping in the upper part creates a volume in the area of ​​the missing chest. Light accessories and horizontal stripes on the bag are also recommended for a slim silhouette.

Monokini swimwear

This year’s bikini is the most original. We list the main trends:

High-neck style top when the top is so high that it closes the clavicle. It looks incredibly elegant both in sporty models and in elegant looks.
Flying top, which is a short loose jersey. For such a swimsuit to be practical, the shirt should be just an imitation, covering a more chaste top.
Versatile top and bottom. Such models are suitable for those who have a disproportionate figure, for example, “pears” are recommended to choose dark swimming trunks and a light bodice.
This year there is a minimum of jewelry on the catwalks, but ruffles still appeared quite often, focusing on the elegant clavicles and emphasizing the chest.
Gang lifts do not go out of fashion, these are the only models that can not do without laces, metal inserts, brushes and stones.
Miniature and even micro-swimsuits are also relevant. The bodice, consisting of two triangles, and quite small, and the same frank panties – fashion for young and slim.
The trendy colors of swimsuits this season are bright and colorful. This is the traditional blue in all its manifestations, lilac, purple, lavender, purple, pink, yellow, as well as beige shades. Of colors, these are abstract divorces – the designers literally competed, who outweighs whom in terms of the originality of the ornaments. Another undeniable trend is tropical motifs. Exotic flowers and fruits, a colorful leopard, a snake, palm trees and sunshine – all this has been used in swimwear fabrics.

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