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Boyfriend jeans – what shoes to choose and what to wear

The boyfriend jeans, so named because of their similarity to men’s trousers, quickly broke into the list of fashion trends. Among the features of boyfriends we note low waist, lowered groin line, loose fit and tucked legs. Naturally, they are not characterized by feminine decorations like rhinestones, but artificially created holes and scuffs, on the contrary, are welcome. It would seem that such jeans can only disfigure a female figure, however, if you choose the right style, you will look very elegant and attractive in such a trendy piece.

Who are boyfriend jeans
It is clear that slender, long-legged girls will wear any jeans, but what about everyone else? Boyfriends are a rather specific model, many owners of a non-ideal figure have always accepted the fact that boyfriends are not for them. In vain! Clothing manufacturers think about consumers with a variety of parameters and produce boyfriend jeans for full ones.

If your thighs are unattractive, buy jeans with a high fit, a minimum of horizontal tears and scuffs, so as not to once again focus on the problem area. It is also desirable to refuse light jeans, the benefit of denim is presented in a wide range of shades. To the selected boyfriends take a tunic or an elongated shirt. Let the shoes be not too elegant, but not frankly athletic – closed textile shoes or moccasins will do.

If you have disproportionately short legs, wear boyfriends with heels or high wedge shoes only. The top is better to choose with a horizontal pattern to visually reduce the height of the torso relative to the length of the legs.

Very comfortable boyfriend jeans for pregnant women with a wide elastic rate at the top. In such free pants you will feel as comfortable as possible at any time, but these are not knit sweatpants, but quite a decent denim – casual wear for a casual look. Jeans boyfriends for pregnant women

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
If boyfriends without holes are considered to be classic, then trendy boyfriend jeans will have holes and scuffs. Putting on such jeans, try to avoid carelessness in other elements of the image – there should not be raw edges, holes and other “sloppy” details on tops, jackets, shoes or accessories.

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Best of all, torn boyfriends will look on young girls dressed in hip-hop style – T-shirt or sweatshirt, baseball cap, gym shoes or high top sneakers. Older women can safely wear such jeans with a short coat and coat, pullovers and voluminous cardigans, leather jackets.

Win-win option – ripped jeans with a shirt. This could be a flannel – tie a shirt over your hips, put on a loose T-shirt and get a grunge look. And if the shirt is white and silk, then you can complement the outfit with heels and clutch – do not be afraid to experiment! Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans Shoes
Boyfriends can be worn with almost any shoe, the main condition – no socks, stockings, tights. The choice of shoes depends on what mood your image will convey. If your motto is maximum comfort, sneakers, sneakers or moccasins will be the best option. With sneakers, it is better to wear a loose T-shirt, with moccasins – a lightweight cardigan without a fastener and a plain top, well, jeans, boyfriends with sneakers will create a wonderful ensemble with a tight-fitting shirt.

If the sports look does not suit you, you can not give up comfortable shoes without a heel, but at the same time pick up an elegant combination. This is primarily ballet flats, and the model is better to choose with a sharp toe – such shoes extend the legs and compensate for the opposite effect of shortened jeans. Sandals without a heel in a wide variety of styles can also be worn with boyfriends, complementing the outfit with a fitted shirt or blouse.

A real fashionista, even wearing boyfriends, can look glamorous and seductive. Tight top, T-shirt with a neckline or a translucent blouse, expensive jewelry, an elegant handbag – all this is suitable for our image. Boyfriend jeans with heeled shoes will make your legs visually longer, buttocks – more toned, and walk – as feminine as possible. You can look at the shoes and sandals on a graceful high wedge – they give almost the same effect as the heels, but walking in such shoes is much more convenient.

When it is cool outside, you can adjust your favorite boyfriends for warm sneakers, boots and low shoes, ankle boots and even high-toed boots. Here it is important to avoid a situation where the holes on the jeans located above the knee expose bare legs, and the material of the boots can be seen through the holes below the knee. Complete the outfit with a park or windbreaker, a coat or a casual jacket.

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