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Top and skirt with a high waist – creating a bright image

Waist is the narrowest place of our figure, so the skirt with a high waist should begin above this place, that is, not only to cover the navel, but also to seize the ribs, rushing to the chest. A pencil skirt, complete with a slouchy silk blouse, immediately comes to mind, but flared and even puffy skirts can also have a high waist in the form of a wide belt.

Wearing inflated skirts this season is recommended not with blouses, but with more versatile tops, including shorter ones. We are learning how to choose a top for an inflated skirt and make exquisite fashionable images.

How to choose an inflated skirt and top
Let us find out who is going to inflated skirts, and to whom this style is contraindicated. Slender girls with narrow waists like models will suit – the skirt will emphasize curves and roundness, will make the silhouette attractive. If you have a slim build and flat buttocks, choose a flared or flared skirt that is too high to increase hips. If you have a thin waist, but massive hips, you can use an oversized pencil skirt, and a skirt made of thin fabric looks great on large but neat hips, and if you have a hint of cellulite or breeches, it’s better to choose dense materials.

On the figure without a waist, an overpriced skirt will draw this waist, especially if the wide belt is supplemented with a thin strap that runs horizontally in the middle of the belt. An overpriced skirt for the full in most cases is a taboo, the skirt will be wrapped around the widest places, attracting attention to them. If you are suffering from excess weight, but your size is not too large, you can try to pick up an over-sized skirt with a belt in the form of a corset. But be prepared that this thing will look spectacular – the outfit is not for prudes.

Now we will select a top for the skirt. Pear girls will need to balance the shape. They should wear a top with a lowered shoulder line, sleeves-lanterns or voluminous elements. For the T-silhouette it is better to choose a tight top, a top with a shoulder strap through the neck or without a shoulder strap. Slender ladies can wear a cropped top with a high skirt – a cropped top that leaves a bare part of the body at the top of the abdomen.

Comfortable most in an inflated skirt you will feel wearing body. You can also pick up a short, but loose top – the top of the skirt will be slightly hidden by the top, but when moving, it will be seen that this is not a dress, but individual items. Suit skirt and top – the choice for those who are hard to give the rules of color combination. In addition, the elements of the suit are chosen perfectly and in terms of style.

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Pencil skirt – for work or for a holiday
We decided to create an outfit for a typical A-shaped silhouette. The black color of the skirt reduces the hips, and the free style hides the non-ideal relief of the area. A simple top expands the upper part of the silhouette thanks to a cut from shoulder to shoulder, and the pendant on a long chain “pulls” the figure. We took a baguette bag, which is worn under the arm – it expands the shoulder area and makes the figure harmonious. But the clutch, which is worn in the hand, does not fit here – it will be at the level of the hips and expand them.

Inflated skirt for full

Women’s suit – perfect for a date
Going to a romantic meeting, we carefully select the outfit – the chosen one must be struck down not in the absence of taste, but in an elegant way. If the top does not fit the skirt, you will look ridiculous. A man will not understand what is the matter, but the impression will be spoiled. If you like a fashionable combination of top and high skirt, give preference to costume. Set “skirt and top” of the same material will look like a dress. Even if the top is shortened, the suit still looks like a single whole.

The costume can also consist of elements that are different in color and even in texture, but at the same time shades and prints look together, and the styles of the top and skirts complement each other. For example, a lace top and a skirt with a high waisted of thin velvet – a combination for a dinner in a restaurant, and a simple white top and a denim pencil skirt – an outfit for a casual date.

Our suit with an overpriced skirt and a loose top in delicate oriental colors from designer Jonathan Saunders is suitable for romantic encounters for a woman who is over fifty, so we chose shoes with steady heels. The closed top will hide the flabby pigmented skin in the decollete area, and the strict cut of the skirt will mask the relief of the thighs and buttocks. As the famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs said – the style has no age, so a mature lady can wear a frank combination of an overpriced skirt and top. This outfit is fashionable, but looks elegant and discreet.

Set skirt and top

Top and skirt to the office – a bold decision for fashionistas
If you do not have a strict dress code at work, try to create a fashionable image in a business style from an overpriced skirt with an elastic belt and a sleek sleeveless top with a turtleneck collar. Buckles on shoes in harmony with the strap at the waist. You will not carry a bag with you from office to office, so you can pick it up for outerwear in which you get to work.

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