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Lace dress. Learning to choose the right image

Laced outfits like never in trend this year. If many women of fashion look at lace tops and knitted swimsuits, then not everyone dares to dress in a lace dress. With the help of lace, you can easily create a solemn image, using a minimum of accessories, but few people think about putting such a thing on for a walk, and even more so at work. Dispel the myths about lace materials and discuss with which to combine openwork dresses.

Short lace dress – creating a bright image
A tight lace dress with a pencil skirt and sleeves ¾ is the perfect outfit for going to a cafe or to a friend’s wedding. In hot weather, you can choose a product without sleeves, but in any case not on the straps. Also, make sure that the dress was not too short, such things give the impression of underwear. A knee-length dress made in a calm shade and complemented with an opaque cover can be worn at the office, and in combination with a classic fitted jacket, even for business negotiations.

A beautiful lace dress is a self-sufficient thing, the main “trick” is in the texture of the material. Lace dresses with a flared skirt create a slightly frivolous and innocent look, but they look a bit simpler than skinny ones. The fact that the folds do not give a full assessment of the lace pattern. For the same reason, the openwork items are always solid. Do not overdo it with accessories – if a dress with sleeves, it is better to give up bracelets, it is also not recommended to wear massive, intricate necklaces.

We decided to choose a party outfit and chose a red lace dress. Shoes and handbag are characterized by the most smooth surfaces. Note that the “boats” in this bow look more successful than the shoes on a high platform, which would give the image a touch of vulgarity. We chose small gold jewelry, earrings – without pendants, the design of the ring echoes the ornament of the dress. The main thing is not to lose face, so focus on the lips using rich red lipstick.

Red lace dress

Long lace dress
An evening maxi lace dress will surely make you the queen of any ball. Traditional style – sleeveless dress with a deep neckline and skirt-year. In fact, there may be a lot of options, so girls with a “pear” figure can see dresses with angelica neckline, and T-silhouette holders can have a strapless dress. If you have slender legs, a dress with a high slit on the side will suit you, and a lush chest will balance the sleeveless dress with a shallow oval neckline. Lace dress with an open back – a very frank outfit, we recommend to add it with a light stole and take care of the shape of the breast. It is desirable that such a dress had a tight rate in the area of ​​the bust.

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A lace dress on the floor is not only an evening toilet. The loose long dress of light shades can be put on for walking around the city or at the seaside. Complementing the dress with a leather belt, a pair of ethno-accessories and cork-soled sandals will give you a sophisticated boho chic look. Consider that the heel will instantly make the image elegant and not appropriate on the street, so choose sandals on the wedge or low speed, sandals, Vietnamese.

We decided to complement the lace dress in a refined shade of blue with a skirt-year, a triangular neckline and draping on the hips, with silver sandals in retro style. Black shoes would make the image too serious and gloomy, and white – would simplify, eliminating the luxury that the floral lace gives along. A black clutch with an original silver lock and a set of jewelry in a “hearty” design are perfectly combined with each other and with a dress.

Open back lace dress

Lace dress for obese
Ladies with curvaceous can also afford a lace dress. There is a little secret – the texture of the lace hides the imperfect skin relief on the thighs and buttocks, so feel free to choose a tight cut. Black color is certainly preferable to the rest, it visually reduces proportions and imposes minimal requirements on the choice of accessories. Free models are no less relevant – dresses in the style of 20x with fringe and a V-shaped neckline mask figure flaws, stretch the silhouette and create a sophisticated image.

Remember that the lace pattern will focus the attention of others on your body. If you want to avoid this, choose a satin or knitted dress with lace sleeves. The emphasis is shifted, and the desired lace is still present in the composition of the dress. Wear shoes on a high but steady heel with a round toe and a thin sole. This outfit is appropriate and at work, and on a romantic date.

We recommend a black lace dress by Emilio Pucci and incredibly beautiful clogs with open toe and golden lace trim. The chain-strap on the clutch is in perfect harmony with the edging of pearls-studs, and the thoughtful cut of the dress allows you to hide the protruding tummy and a couple of extra pounds….

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