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Banana pants – hide figure flaws

Pants-bananas appeared about a century ago as part of the stage costume of jazz musicians. Such a style could not fail to attract attention, and soon bananas came down from the stage and rushed to the city streets. As happens with many attributes of the male wardrobe, bananas began to wear and the fair sex, and now it is exclusively female model of trousers. We study the specifics of an unusual style and make up stylish harmonious images with bananas.

Women’s banana pants
Bananas are pants, loose at the top and tapering downwards. Often, banana pants have a high waist. On the belt, this model has several large folds, due to which a volume is created in the hips. At the bottom, the legs are sometimes cuffed, there may be welt pockets on the sides. Length plays a special role – bananas are slightly shorter than regular trousers, they barely cover the ankle, and they may even end up in the middle of the calf. Because of their characteristic features, bananas sit best on tall and slender girls, their pants slightly expand the second “90” and shorten their legs somewhat.

What to wear with bananas? It is obvious that the folds on the belt are the central detail of the product, therefore it is illogical to hide it under long tunics and cloaks. Blouses to the thigh line also do not fit – hem will be ugly bristle. It is best to choose a narrow and short top – tight or fitted. You can wear shirts and blouses with a free cut with bananas, tucking them into pants. Elastic bodysuits will fit, including long sleeves – the most comfortable clothes. Trendy Crop Tops will make a couple of bananas, provided that the hostess of such a dress has an ideal figure.

Pick up a shortened jacket or cardigan from outerwear, a bolero is suitable for a romantic look, and bananas in sporty style can be worn with olympic shirt. If you have narrow hips, bananas will perfectly balance your figure. If you are a happy owner of the X-silhouette, expand your hips with bananas and take care of your upper body. Wear tops with voluminous collars, a lowered shoulder line, flashlight sleeves, and bat batts to return the silhouette to its original balance.
We suggest wearing bananas with a delicate floral pattern complete with a cream-colored asymmetrical sleeveless top, complement the image with shoes with an open toe to match the top and a simple black clutch. Stylish black accessories with geometric motifs are perfectly combined with such a romantic outfit.

What to wear with bananas

Banana pants for fat
Requirements to the figure of fashionable women who put forward pants-bananas are not entirely critical. Even ladies with full hips can wear this stylish model. Drapery in the abdomen and free cut will mask the problem areas and present the figure in a favorable light. It is advisable to choose dark colors to make the silhouette appear slimmer. Women’s banana pants look doubtful on girls of small stature, so if you are a little pyshechka, it is best to refuse such models, while fashionable women in miniature in all directions can save high heels.

Wear bananas only with a high waistline and choose the maximum leg length for this style. If your figure is a rectangle, underline the poorly visible waist with a wide belt in the color of your pants. And girls-apples better not to focus in this area, so as not to draw attention to the zone of the abdomen. Wear banana pants with short jackets that will hide figure flaws.

Pay attention to the bananas of the color of rust, they can be supplemented with a black leather jacket – the diagonal lines are slim silhouette. A black bag without a frame on the drawstring and leather ankle boots with heels perfectly complement the practical and slightly cheeky look.

Women’s pants bananas

Bananas and shoes
The main rule – do not wear bananas with high boots and half boots. For the former, the riding breeches model is more suitable; for the latter, traditional skinny. Bananas and high-heeled or high-heeled shoes perfectly harmonize with each other. Satin bananas with a silk blouse and lacquered heels on heels will make a wonderful romantic look, and beige bananas, an olive top and cork wedge sandals will make a great safari outfit.

What can you wear banana pants to tall girls? Here you can afford a small wedge or even a flat sole. Open summer sandals are suitable for a summer look with light trousers and a vest, a more feminine combination will work out with ballet flats, and a sports style will be supported by sneakers or slip-on sneakers.
We offer an option for a holiday – bananas with a floral print, a red simple top and sandals with a flat sole. A hat with narrow margins, a beach bag and simple colored bracelets, in spite of everything, make the image more saturated and interesting.

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