Lace dress. Learning to choose the right image
Laced outfits like never in trend this year. If many women of fashion look at lace tops and knitted swimsuits, then not everyone dares to dress in a lace dress.…

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Basic wardrobe - things that every woman should have
Women's wardrobe is a lot of separate items that were purchased because they liked it or it was cheap, and not from the calculation with which the thing can be…

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What to wear for the new year
Most people associate New Year's Eve with a magical, unforgettable holiday, giving fulfillment of desires and hopes. But besides this, she is also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate her beauty…

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How to choose a swimsuit on the figure

Warm days will come soon, and with them it’s time for holidays. At this time, every woman wants to look irresistible, but on the beach, where you have to expose naked body parts for all to see, such a task can be difficult. To cope with it will help the right swimsuit, tailored to the characteristics and type of figure.

Swimsuit for the figure “pear”
Swimsuit for the figure of a pear should divert attention from plump hips. With this model cope with dark monophonic, classic bottom and a bright top. Winning will look separate swimsuits with wide straps, ruffles and decorative elements on the bodice. Slightly narrow the hips and lengthen the legs will help the model with inflated cuts on the panties.

Piece swimsuit, especially with special inserts, will help disguise the bulging tummy. Choosing similar products, it is worth giving preference to models with a dark bottom and colored top or with contrasting vertical inserts on the sides. But from the ornaments, draperies and bright patterns in the hips, it is better to give up. Swimsuit for the type of figure pear

Swimsuit for the figure “apple”
The hardest thing is to find a swimsuit for an apple figure. Women with such forms need to visually narrow the waist. This will help tankini or one-piece swimwear. It is better to give preference to products from dense fabric that will support the central part of the body. Ruffles, draperies or ruffles in the upper and lower parts of the leotard will help to balance the figure and make the waist thinner. Dark models with light side panels or vertical stripes will also contribute to this. If you prefer separate beach sets, give preference to products that have a bra with a V-neck, and swimming trunks with a skirt. Swimsuit for the type of figure apple

Swimsuit for the figure “inverted triangle”
The main task of women with such forms is to visually narrow the upper part and widen the hips. In this case, the correct swimsuit should consist of a dark top and a bright, eye-catching bottom. Perfectly will look models with multi-colored panties, low shorts or swimming trunks. They can be with horizontal inserts or stripes, strings, draperies and other decorations. Bra is better to choose a single-colored, calm with wide straps through the neck, a single asymmetrical strap, or a V-shaped neckline. Swimsuit for the type of figure inverted triangle

Swimsuit for the figure “rectangle”
Owners of such a figure need to add soft curves to the body and give the look more femininity. You will be helped by piecework swimsuits with side notches, asymmetrical cut and color inserts and separations emphasizing the waist. Well on these women will look open swimsuits with intricate prints, horizontal stripes, draperies, voluminous details and ruffles. Swimsuit for the type of figure rectangle

Swimsuit for the figure “hourglass”
Owners of this type of figures have a proportional physique. But their breasts and thighs can be massive. These women should take care not to visually add more volume to them. Avoid products with horizontal stripes, draperies and ruffles, both at the top and bottom. Good look classic monochrome swimsuits and models with inflated panties. Women with such a figure, with no extra volume, can afford almost any product. Swimsuit for the type of figure hourglass

Tips for choosing a swimsuit
Women with small breasts should pick up swimwear with a push-up effect. Still fit models strapless, with a bright color print, ruffles and draperies on the top.

Owners of a not quite perfect tummy need to choose a swimsuit according to the type of figure, but to give preference to models with high melting ends on the waist line, one-piece models with supporting inserts, high waist or vertical stripes. Swimsuit hides the belly Lush ladies visually give the figure of harmony will help wide straps, plunging necklines, vertical inserts or patterns. They are encouraged to purchase models of dark colors of matte elastic fabric. A great choice would be slimming swimsuits. Suitable products, consisting of shirts and shorts.

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