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How to choose a good coat

The coat is a unique invention of mankind, which allows a woman, even in the most severe cold, to look stylish and attractive. That is why this thing for many years in a row remains the peak of popularity and, most likely, will not lose its relevance for a very long time. However, in order for the coat to really beautify and serve more than one season, it must be properly selected. When choosing, it is worth considering several factors at once, the quality of tailoring and fabric, color, cut, style and how the product sits on the figure.

How to choose a coat in color and style
When thinking about which coat to choose, many are guided by fashion trends, this is of course good, but only if you do not plan to wear it for several seasons, and the popular bark and style fit your figure. It is much more practical to choose a coat as close as possible to the classical style. It is good if it will be rather restrained, without a large number of various decorative elements. Also, when choosing a coat, some features of the figure should be taken into account:

Low women should pick a model just below or slightly above the knees. At the same time, it is better for them to abandon too voluminous coats, for example, with a smell and wide sleeves, since in such products they are simply a choice of coarse loss.
Long women will look good on tall women with a belt.
Holders of wide hips and thin shoulders are recommended to wear coats with voluminous collars, such as fur, as well as a belt that emphasizes the waist well.
Women with narrow hips will look good products with a restrained top, having a small collar and voluminous, flared bottom.
For overweight women, with a poorly defined waist, a coat will fit, without unnecessary decorative elements and voluminous details, having a vertical cut. Well, if the product will have a wide belt that will help emphasize the waist.
When choosing a coat shade, of course, you need to focus on your taste, but it does not hurt to take into account some of the nuances. Great care should be exercised with bright flashy colors, because such things are very difficult to combine with other clothes. In addition, against the background of colored outfits, not painted or restrained painted face, looks faded and inexpressive. The most practical will be dark colors: black, dark blue, brown or neutral, such as beige. Well, to revive a coat and make the image more vivid and memorable help, accessories, such as a color scarf, scarf, gloves, etc. If you are not a happy owner of your own car, you should refrain from purchasing very light models. Of course, the white coat looks beautiful, but after a couple of trips in public transport, you will most likely have to carry it in dry cleaning, and this is not such a cheap pleasure.

Coat fabric
coat material The quality and type of fabric will directly affect the appearance of the coat, how long it will serve you and how warm it will be. Cashmere is considered the warmest and highest quality material. This fabric is made from the undercoat of cashmere goats, it is very soft and light enough. Unfortunately, natural cashmere is very expensive, so it is often mixed with ordinary wool.

A good quality coat can also be sewn from wool, such as drape, tweed, boucle, etc. About how good this material is and how warm it will be, the density of interlacing of the fibers will tell – ideally, there should be no gaps between them.

It is also worth considering that the coat, the composition of the fabric of which is predominantly synthetic, is unlikely to warm you well. To determine the quality of the fabric, you can use the following test: squeeze the material in the palm of your hand and hold it for about twenty seconds, if after that it will look very crumpled, it means there are a lot of synthetics in it.

Quality sewing coat
So that after a week of socks, your favorite thing “does not crack” at the seams and sits well on you, you need to pay attention to the quality of its tailoring.

About good quality says:

Uniform sleeve length and floor.
The absence of irregularities on the product. It should be smooth, never bubble and not sag. Coat quality
Perfectly even seams and no sticking threads, both inside and outside.
The bottom of the product must be turned at least three, and the edge of each sleeve at least two centimeters.
Neat, perfectly symmetrical pockets and lapels.
Non-translucent stitches with frequent stitches.
Lining of dense quality fabric. In addition, for winter coat models, the lining is often also equipped with insulation. As it is most often used sintepon or batting. It is believed that the latter warms better.
What to look for when trying on a coat:

Sleeves should end at about the middle of the palms.
There should be no wrinkles in the armpits and on the back.

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