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Stripped vest in women’s wardrobe – fashion tips

Once the vest was an attribute exclusively naval, and today we meet on the streets not only young people, but also girls in vests. It turns out that such a thing can be beaten quite interesting and diverse. Having bought a vest once, you will not resist the temptation to replenish your wardrobe with other models of this versatile clothing. We understand the intricacies of using vests in the preparation of attire.

Such different bands
The most popular option is a blue vest. It is actively used to create an image in a nautical style, which for several years has not lost its relevance. Cheerful and playful looks vest with blue stripes. Black and white vests are no less loved by fashionistas – classic colors make it possible to complement an outfit with things of any shade.

On sale you can find vests of a wide variety of colors and their bold combinations, but think about it – maybe it’s still a striped top, not a vest?

Materials and fabrics
These vests for military personnel are made from 100% cotton knitwear, and manufacturers of similar clothing for the broad masses of the population did not reinvent the wheel. The only thing that can expect you when buying a vest on the market is synthetic additives in small quantities, which reduce the cost of the product, and its quality.

For the cold season they produce vests with a pile, pleasant to the body and very warm. And as a summer experiment, you can dress in a vest with a lace inset on the back, for example. The vests are sewn, complemented by cuffs and a stand-up collar made of dense material, and there are also oil and microoil synthetic vests from fabrics – they practically do not wrinkle and gently envelop the silhouette.

Choose a style Striped dress
The classical vest is presented in two options:

with long sleeves – straight cut, loose on the figure;
without sleeves – a shirt with a shallow neck, covering the chest almost to the neck.
For the civilian female population the choice is wider. These are T-shirts and vests, ¾ sleeves, slim models, tight-fitting options, a boat neckline, striped turtlenecks, and even slouchy tops. Defining such things in the vest category or not is a personal matter for every woman of fashion, but the “real” vest always looks more impressive than the most elaborate models with a lot of decorative details.

By the way about the details
Vests with rhinestones or sequins look quite glamorous. Cuffs, collars, frills made of fabric of contrasting shades will definitely add zest to your look, and a lace inset, flirty bow or deep cleavage will make the outfit romantic without the slightest hint of a military uniform.

What can I wear with a vest?
Wearing a vest, you make it the main element of the image. The strip itself attracts attention, so in addition to it, you should choose monophonic things. Categorically, plaid clothing, flower ornaments, abstraction and animal prints are not suitable for vestments – this is the height of bad taste.

Does not need a vest and striped additions. If you are delighted with the new bag in white and blue stripes, wear it with other, more modest in terms of color tops. White, blue, red, shades of denim, and black and white – red, beige, orange, gray, pink are best suited to a blue vest. But this does not mean that other color combinations are unacceptable. Women’s vest – a huge scope for experiments.

Stripped vest and features of the figure
Vertical stripes at the top of the silhouette can not only give fullness to a small chest, but also significantly extend the line of the shoulders. This is a great choice for girls with the figure of “pear” – in a vest your silhouette will look more proportionally. But the owners of the figure “inverted triangle” vests should be worn very carefully. Be sure to wear a fluffy skirt, giving the volume to the hips, and the stripes on the vest limit the jacket or cardigan.

Sea style
Creating an image in a nautical style is very easy – use white, blue and red colors, plus a couple of thematic details, and you will not lose. The stripped vest is perfect for a navy style outfit. In our image, a sleeveless vest with a lowered armhole is chosen – an ideal style for girls with narrow shoulders. Having tucked the vest into a flirty skirt, we will visually stretch our legs. This is desirable to do, as the shoes we have without a heel. You can tie a red scarf around your neck, use it as a belt or decorate it with a white bag. We will complete the image with a simple red bracelet and amazing earrings-studs in thematic design.

Casual style
Dark blue jeans, a laconic tonal bag, a beige jacket with a hood and high boots are a great outfit for walking around the city in cool weather. See how the striped vest revives! This thing brings a kind of playfulness, defiantly looking through the unbuttoned jacket.

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