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How to choose your style in clothes according to the sign of the zodiac

A modern woman has a very busy life – family, friends, work, career, various trips. And she can not do without upgrades in the wardrobe. We try on fashionable novelties, change haircuts, hair color, style of clothes. After all, for each case requires its own style.

For many centuries, astrology has provided a huge amount of information about the influence of the color gamut, decorations and the structure of fabrics, decorations on each zodiac sign.

By learning to emphasize the character of your star patron with clothes of a certain color palette, you can enhance the universal resonance and attract the favor of Fortune – the ancient goddess of luck. In any case, so say people knowledgeable in astrology.

Signs of Fire
The fiery elements belong to the impulsive Aries, the royal lion and the active Sagittarius. These zodiac signs are characterized by an energetic temperament. If you are one of them, then your image is a proud, sexy woman who does not hide her emotions.

Wardrobe “fiery” womenZodiac clothing
The Woman of Fire prefers spectacular outfits; she keeps a close eye on fashion. Always chooses an extravagant style. The main thing – bright and expensive clothes from natural fabrics.

The prevailing colors of the wardrobe: all shades of red, orange, yellow, gold.

Aries women prefer rich colors. But they will not wear a single fashionable item unless they select the right accessory.

Lionesses are more conservative in clothes. They intuitively understand what suits them and what needs to be avoided when choosing a dress. In this case, be sure to add something that will emphasize their charm.

Women – Streltsy strictly follow fashion. They love expensive branded items. The main thing for them is high-quality fabrics, it is very important for them to feel confident and sexy. The shape of the signs of the zodiac

Accessories “fiery” women
Beyond any competition, these are expensive volumetric jewelry – earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. from gold, platinum, with natural precious stones, best of all – with diamonds.

Hairstyle “fiery” women
Women of fire prefer to give volumetric hairstyles, and hair dyes choose the most fashionable shade.

Make-up “fiery” women
The Woman of Fire chooses a bright sexy make-up, and first of all she exposes her lips, preferring rich, rich colors of lipstick or gloss.

Zodiac clothing

Air Signs
Air elements belong to the inconstant Gemini, balanced Libra and charismatic Aquarius.
Woman Air – this independent, inquisitive, mobile person.

The most “native” colors for her will be shades of pastels and silver in combination with variegated colors. Clothing weights
Women Twins wardrobe is very diverse. She combines clothes of various styles. Since their mood often changes, this is also reflected in clothing. With its help, they are reincarnated internally. Therefore, women of this sign are constantly different, and it is easy to communicate with them.

Scales are very sophisticated in the selection of clothes. They prefer elegant dresses, costumes delicate blue or light green. Even strict suits of pastel tones, they without fail will decorate with a bright scarf or scarf, creating their own unique image.

The main thing for them is to be charming and independent.

Aquarians are eccentric and independent women. Style – avant-garde. They always have everything bright and trendy. They like to be paid attention to. Of the signs of the Air, only Aquarians can wear acid-colored clothing.

The image of Aquarius

Accessories “air” women
Wooden bracelets, beads, “baubles”. A highlight – the elegant unique accessories harmoniously fitting in image of the woman of Air.

Hairstyle “air” women
Women of the air element fit light hairstyles with fantasy. The color scheme is the most diverse, the main thing is not to be sad and boring.

Makeup “air” women
Natural, in soft colors. The most successful image is romantic. “Decor” for the lips – dull shades of gloss or light lipstick. Blush light shades.

Water Signs
Reflexive Cancer, Scorpio and Romantic Pisces on their mind are signs of the water element. “Water” woman is sensual, romantic, gentle and mysterious.

Wardrobe “water” women
The mermaid’s clothing is dominated by all shades of blue-blue, blue-green, similar to the surface of the water, and also white as sea foam.

The preference is given to dresses with flounces, frills. Skirts – free cut – wide, flying. From shoes prefer, of course, shoes-shoes.

The tender nature of Cancer prefers natural and monochromatic fabrics (flax, cotton, wool). Women of this sign are not fond of experiments with style and rather conservative in clothes. Most of all, they like simple free cut without any frills.

Scorpions love “sexy” style: deep neckline, dress in a dress that emphasizes the figure, short or, on the contrary, long feminine skirts. The combination of black and red color prevails in their wardrobe.

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