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What to wear for the new year

Most people associate New Year’s Eve with a magical, unforgettable holiday, giving fulfillment of desires and hopes. But besides this, she is also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate her beauty by appearing in a beautiful dress to others. According to astrologers, in order for the coming year to bring good luck, it must be met by adhering to some rules, one of which is the right choice of clothing.

In the coming year, the hostess will be a wooden blue or green horse. Therefore, the perfect outfit for the New Year’s Eve will be a blue or emerald dress. It not only appeals to the symbol of the year – the horse, but also allows you to be the most fashionable, because these shades are among the main winter trends. You can also choose an outfit in turquoise, purple and blue colors. In addition, it is allowed to use shades that match the horse’s color – black, gray, white.

But lilac and orange flowers should be abandoned, because they can annoy the hostess of the year, making the coming year unsuccessful.

Choosing clothes for the new year, do not forget about fashion trends. Designers, however, as well as astrologers, strongly recommend to refuse things from synthetics. It should pick up items made of silk, satin, velvet and wool. For extravagant women are perfect outfits made of genuine leather. For bright girls who like to stand out, the ideal choice would be metallized fabrics, lurex and sequins.

For gentle, mysterious persons fit dresses made of guipure or lace, which are able to give its owner an incredible elegance, mystery and airiness. You can opt for different types of clothing; both narrowed trousers and skirts with wide belts will be appropriate, but dresses are the best option for a holiday.

Dresses for the new year designers recommend to choose, first of all, based on the characteristics of your figure. It is worth paying attention to fashionable outfits this season, in the style of the sixties. Proceeding from the fact that the horse is graceful and graceful, fitting models that will emphasize silhouette are perfect for the New Year’s Eve.

Casual style for women – the rules of combining clothes
Today, trend dresses are medium in length, which slightly open or completely close the knees. Will look very nice model with a cut. Dresses with asymmetrical cuts emphasize at the same time elegance and sexuality. In the fashion of multi-layered dresses, models with cutouts on the back and fragile silhouettes. At the same time, from deep cuts on the chest, it is worth refusing and giving preference to triangular or round neck shapes.

Dresses with flashlight sleeves will be very relevant. Fine grace hand short sleeves or sleeves, having a length of three quarters. But from the long sleeves, in the clothes for the new year is better to give up, because they are absolutely not fashionable.

Selection of accessories
Since in the coming year a wooden horse will dominate, it is recommended to choose accessories also wooden ones. Wood decorations, created by modern designers, are able to complement even the most elegant image and, moreover, they are perfect for an emerald dress. Also, the horse will favor the accessories of suede and leather. The best choice would be a stylish clutch, matched to the color of the dress. Decorations with a horse will also be appropriate. In the selection of shoes, it is also recommended to take into account the colors inherent in this year.

Preference should be given to natural materials and models that correspond to the overall image. High-heeled shoes or sandals will be very relevant – horses will definitely like their knock.

Thinking through the outfit for the new year, do not forget about a suitable hairstyle. The ideal option would be a horse’s tail or loose wavy hair, resembling a mane.

Image matching
Your image must correspond to the location of the holiday and the people who will surround you. If you decide to celebrate the new year in the restaurant, you will be fine with elegant evening dresses, but they will be completely out of place in a quiet home environment. For such a holiday it is better to choose a comfortable, discreet outfit that will emphasize the beauty of the figure.

If you decide to spend New Year’s Eve with your sweetheart, you can choose a frank, sexy dress that will make the holiday a little piquant. Well, in the company of friends even the brightest and extraordinary images are permissible.

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What to wear for the new year
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