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Clothing as a figure – make up the perfect wardrobe

Every woman’s dream is to look perfect, but nature has not rewarded all with perfect proportions. Often, an outfit that is overwhelmed on a mannequin may look different on a real person. The fact is that everyone has their own, special body structure. Some have a narrow pelvis and broad shoulders, others have rounded thighs and a poorly defined waist, and others have a small bust, but big buttocks.

Each figure has both advantages and disadvantages. The best way to correct them is the choice of clothes according to the type of figure.

Clothes for the type of figure pear
The owners of this type of figure are distinguished by wide hips, a noticeable waistline and small narrow shoulders.

To visually correct the figure, it is necessary to focus on the upper torso and extend the shoulders. It should pick up outfits with a dark bottom and a light top. Clothes for the type of figure pear should have a volumetric top, fluffy sleeves, shoulder pads, deep necklines and decorative details on the bodice.

Pear figure

Visually expand the shoulders to help things with a cut boat or square neckline. Suitable clothes with breast pockets, pants and skirts with a free cut and made of thin fabrics, dresses with a detachable waist and an extended bottom.

What to avoid:

It is not recommended to choose jackets or blouses that end at the widest part of the buttocks or thighs, they should be higher or lower than it.
You should not wear tight models of jeans, tight blouses or blouses.
Tulip skirts add volume to hips.
Avoid additional details on skirts or trousers and items with straps that connect at the neck or are tied at the back.
Examples of suitable clothing:

Things for figure pear

Clothing for the type of figure apple
Owners of this type of figure have a rounded shed shoulders, not very curvy hips, slender legs, poorly expressed waist, often wider than the line of the hips and shoulders.

In this case, the main problem area is the middle of the body. It is necessary to visually stretch the body and focus on the neck and legs. It is recommended to give preference to things with a straight silhouette.

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Apple shape

A winning option would be a sheath dress. Simple straight cut and no sleeves balance the silhouette. They help to visually stretch the figure of the dress, having a high waist, they will hide the belly and emphasize the chest. Asymmetrical, tailored and trapezoidal models will help to lengthen the body. Dresses are recommended to select monophonic.

Women with such a figure fit knitwear, blouses, tight-fitting breasts and loose at the waist, as well as jackets that are up to the hips. On all things additional details should be located in the upper part of the bodice, or below the hips. It should pick clothes from soft, draped, flowing fabrics. From trousers fit wide with a high or low waist.

What to avoid:

It is not recommended to choose loose or tight-fitting outfits.
Poor and puffy sleeves will look bad.
Clothes made of hard and dense fabrics will give the figure extra volume.
Do not create accents in the waist, for example, wear a belt.
It is better to abandon the outfits with large print and horizontal stripes, they will only add volume to the problem areas.
Avoid contrasts between the top and the bottom of the thing.
Short and narrow skirts will not work.
Examples of suitable clothing:

Things for the apple figure

Clothing for the type of figure hourglass
This type of shape is considered the most proportional. Its owners have equal width of shoulders and hips, clearly marked waist line and chest.

Apple shape

Choosing clothes for the type of hourglass figure is better than this, which will emphasize the waist, and demonstrate the smooth curves of the body. This type will suit almost any outfits. The main thing is that their cut should repeat the lines of the figure, but things that look fluid, light and wavy will look better. To emphasize the waist, it is recommended to use a belt. Favorably allocate hips pencil skirts.

What to avoid:

It is necessary to abandon clothing straight cut.
Too tight things are not recommended.
Hard, dense fabrics will make the figure fuller than in reality.
Avoid items with large patterns and clear geometric motifs.
Examples of suitable clothing:

Clothes hourglass

Clothing for the type of figure rectangle
Owners of this type of figure are distinguished by narrow shoulders and hips, poorly expressed waist and flat buttocks.

It is necessary to create the appearance of rounded shapes and soften the angularity of the figure. It is necessary to select clothing models that will help mark the hips and emphasize the waist. Semi-adjacent things will cope with the task, repeating the outlines of the figure, making a soft focus on the waist. Undercuts, decorative seams, folds, pockets at the hips, vertical lines converging to the waist, contrasting bottom and top will help create the shape.

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