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Basic wardrobe – things that every woman should have

Women’s wardrobe is a lot of separate items that were purchased because they liked it or it was cheap, and not from the calculation with which the thing can be worn. In the closet you can watch a pile of poorly matched clothes. Therefore, many women have problems with choosing the right outfit.

To always look beautiful and new, you do not need to have a stock of clothes. For this, a minimal set of things is enough. This set should be thoughtful and functional, only in this case it will become a base that will allow you to avoid difficulties with the choice of clothes.

Requirements for things basic wardrobe
It should be universal and interchangeable, it can be combined and combined with each other and with other items of clothing.
It is desirable that she was in a classic style. Such clothes will always be relevant and will not go out of fashion, so in it you will not look old-fashioned.

All basic items in the wardrobe should be of good quality. They will justify all costs, as they will be worn for a long time and will not lose their appearance.
The clothes should fit you perfectly.
The basic wardrobe of a woman should consist of things of neutral colors. A combination of two or three shades is allowed. For example, black with white, brown with cream and beige, white with violet and dark blue, white with black and dark red.
Clothing should be simple, without original and flashy details. These things can pick up a lot of accessories that will allow you to create more different sets.
Basic wardrobe basics

To determine what things should be in your basic wardrobe, you need to think about what clothes you wear more often. For example, if a uniform is not provided at work, and you select outfits for her, they will form the basis of your wardrobe.

When choosing things a big role is played by the lifestyle that you lead. For example, if you are a sports lover, you should have several sets of sportswear. And if you like going to exhibitions and to theaters, then you will need appropriate outfits.

Many stylists offer their versatile sets of clothes for a basic wardrobe, they all have features, but some of the things are present everywhere and remain the same:

Sheath Dress Preference is given to a simple black or dark dress with no frills. Such a thing is suitable for any occasion, both for work and for a party. It can be combined with different accessories. For example, in the afternoon with a belt or a scarf, and in the evening with a necklace or brooch.
Black turtleneck or golf. This thing is universal and will be relevant at any time. With the help of a turtleneck, you can change the image, combining with different accessories or garments.
Light simple blouse. Ideally, it will be white, but gentle bed tones are also appropriate. She should have a simple classic cut that resembles a men’s shirt.
Pencil skirt dark or black. A thing can be combined with any top, creating many new sets.
Classic trousers in dark or black color. Another universal thing with which you can come up with many combinations.

Cardigan. Suitable for any season, with the same success can be worn with pants, jeans, black dress and a white blouse.
Jacket. A simple fitted jacket will complement many looks.
Jeans. They should be dark or black without unnecessary details and additions. The style should be selected in accordance with the figure.
Trench Light colors or khaki are preferred.
Classic coat. It can be either double-breasted or single-breasted, knee-length or slightly lower, in black or beige.
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Basic clothing

Each girl’s wardrobe should include a minimum set of accessories. It is worth getting shoes in black and beige, as well as comfortable classic boots and practical ballet flats.

You should have several types of bags – a large spacious bag, a small bag with a long handle and a light bag for summer. You will need a pair of belts, one should be simple classic black, the other interesting, having a bright color or an original buckle.

Jewelry plays an important role in the compilation of the ideal image, it can be selected to taste, but it should be of good quality.

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