Basic wardrobe - things that every woman should have
Women's wardrobe is a lot of separate items that were purchased because they liked it or it was cheap, and not from the calculation with which the thing can be…

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What can women wear hats with – trend combinations

Recently, fashionable women considered women’s hats an attribute of retro style, but these hats still stood on a par with fashionable glasses and paired bracelets.

If you are thinking about whether to wear a hat, the answer is unequivocal – wear! With the help of women’s hat you can change the image, making it rich and harmonious.

What types of hats exist
Each hat has its own recommendations.

This model is a unisex – medium-sized crown with three dents, complemented by soft fields of medium width. The dents are made in such a way that it would be convenient to lift the hat with three fingers during the greeting – two small ones in front, on the sides and a large top in the middle.

Dents play the role of a distinctive feature of a fedora hat. Fields of a hat are bent up behind and from sides, and in front are lowered. This way of wearing Fedora gives the image notes of mystery and coquetry.

Fedora fits perfectly in casual style, options in dark color can be worn with business suits, and feminine models – with cocktail dresses.

Fedor’s hat

This model is similar to the previous one, but the trilby has narrow margins. Fields can be straight, curved on one side or on several sides, or rolled up along the entire circumference of a hat. Trilby can be worn by moving it to the back of the head, on its side or pulling it over its forehead. Trilbi is used as a daily accessory with a variety of clothes.

Trilby hat

It is a small flat-crowned borderless hat. The model is considered the height of femininity and grace, therefore it is not used in everyday wear.

Pill hats are well combined with cocktail and evening dresses, elegant trouser suits, suitable for all kinds of celebrations. If you plan to party in retro style, a better accessory than a tablet, you will not find.

Tablets look spectacular on long curls, short haircuts, complex evening hairstyles. Some hats are so tiny that they have to be fixed with the help of pins. This type of pill is also called a bibi hat.

Hat pill

The name translates from French as a bell. The main characteristics of the model are a rounded crown, narrow margins (usually lowered down), satin ribbon.

Cloche often decorated with bows or flowers. The model is functional – the top of the hat fits the head tightly and warms in cold weather.

Hat-cloche appeared when short female haircuts became fashionable. This headpiece looks best in combination with hairstyles from shoulder-length hair.


The top of the hat can be flat, rounded or pointed, a distinctive feature – wide fields. A hat with large brims is indispensable on the beach – it protects the face and shoulders from the scorching sun.

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Such a hat is also appropriate on the streets of the city within the framework of country styles, casual, boho, and nautical styles. Wide-brimmed hats are best in harmony with the long flowing curls.


This is a hat with a rigid rounded crown and soft, down-brimmed fields. Slauch seems like a casual accessory, but a hat can look elegant. This headdress is a great choice for everyday looks.

There are other types of hats that need no introduction – a sombrero, a cowboy hat, a top hat, a bowler hat.

Hat is weak

Women’s hats in summer looks
In summer, hats play the role of a stylish accessory and protect your head from overheating. Make summer hats from different materials:

A wide-brimmed straw hat decorated with large textile colors is an exclusive beach option. The same style cotton hat of a neutral shade with a decor in the form of a concise satin ribbon would be appropriate on city streets and at an evening event such as a concert or festival.

Before you know what to wear with a wide-brimmed hat, you need to find out if such a hat fits for you.

For undersized women of fashion it is better to buy a hat with a brim no wider than shoulders, for example, a sleek.
A wide-brimmed hat with a high crown will suit chubby girls.
Owners of an oval face in the shape of an inverted triangle are recommended to wear wide-brimmed hats, slightly sliding them to one side.
Beach wide-brimmed hats look good with swimsuits and pareos. You can try on beach shorts, the top of a swimsuit and a hat – a practical resort outfit. To go to a cafe instead of short shorts, you can wear bermudas, capri pants or 7/8 banana pants, and replace the bodice from a bathing suit with a cotton shirt or chintz top.

How to wear a hat

A white hat with a bright ribbon or a straw hat in natural light shades will suit the colorful summer outfits. You can choose a bright hat with a print to light monophonic clothes, it is desirable to make another color accent in the image, for example, wear a bright bracelet or boho sandals.

Basic wardrobe - things that every woman should have
Women's wardrobe is a lot of separate items that were purchased because they liked it or it was cheap, and not from the calculation with which the thing can be…


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