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How to look stylish – 3 components of a stylish image

Style is what corresponds to the generally accepted concepts of aesthetics and beauty, it is a harmonious combination of all the components of the image, it is a display of the mental state and the inner world of a person. To always look stylish, you do not need to blindly follow the latest fashion trends, you should listen to yourself, determine what you like and follow a few simple rules.

Hair and makeup
A woman with dirty hair and a lack of hair will never look stylish. The order of the head is a constant component of a successful image. No need to create complex styling every day. You can do a simple hairstyle, for example, to collect hair in a ponytail, or a neat haircut, which can be easily put in order with a single comb.

Style and hairstyle

No less important is the correct make-up. It must correspond to the time and place. For trips to work, it is better to choose light day makeup, and for attending ceremonial events festive and bright. The main thing that he did not look vulgar and vulgar.

Choosing clothes
One of the main roles in creating a stylish image is clothes. Her choice should be approached with great care. Things do not have to be expensive, really dress stylishly and inexpensively. You need to take care of creating a basic wardrobe, which should include high-quality, discreet and easily matched clothes. And already complement it with more interesting things. This approach will allow you to create many stylish sets of the minimum set of wardrobe items. When choosing clothes it is recommended to adhere to the criteria:

Suitable size. Things must fit your size. You should not think that having difficulty squeezing into tight jeans, you will look slimmer, and wearing a baggy sweater you will be able to hide those extra pounds.
Matching figure. Try to choose clothes that are suitable for your type of figure, which will make imperceptible flaws and emphasize dignity.
A color scheme. Do not use in the image at the same time more than three colors and do not combine warm colors with cold. Remember that colored things are treacherous, they can set the tone for the image, and spoil it. The unbeatable option of a stylish set is to use clothes of neutral classic colors with bright accessories.
Mixing styles. Do not combine clothing belonging to different styles in one image. Wearing an elegant dress in combination with a sports jacket, you are unlikely to look stylish and beautiful.
Compliance with measures. Avoid excessive exposure. The stylish image provides an emphasis on one part of the body, otherwise you will look vulgar. For example, if you decide to demonstrate legs, make sure that your chest is covered. If you choose a neckline, do not expose more and back.
Underwear. Pick up clothes that will be unnoticeable under clothes – it should not shine or peek out from under things.

Selection of accessories
Accessories are another constant component of a successful image. Competently chosen shoes and bags are able to give a stylish look to even a simple dress. Many hold the opinion that they should not be spared money. Indeed, a high-quality bag and shoes will emphasize statust, and inexpensive clothing will be invisible against their background. The main thing is that the products match the style of the chosen set and combine with each other.

Choice of accessories

When choosing jewelry is better to stick to the frame. The main thing is not to overdo it. If you decide to focus on jewelry, pick up to her neutral clothes without unnecessary details. It is not necessary to use several massive decorations in one image.

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