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Boho style – the embodiment of femininity and simplicity

If you are at least a little familiar with the boho style, you notice that it combines incongruous things. Wearing garments that are poorly combined with each other is not the main task of boho. Boho is a style of creative people, people with innovative thinking who do not depend on fashion, while they dress beautifully.

How did the boho style appear
The name boho comes from the word “bohemia” – the creative intelligentsia. The term originated in France in the 19th century, a layer of society was called bohemian, which included street performers, artists, poets and other creative people with unstable income – they did not have the means to buy fashionable things. Sometimes the Bohemian is called the Gypsy because of their similarity with wandering artists and dancers.

Today, the boho style is not limited to a profession or lifestyle – bohemian-style things are produced by budget brands and world-famous designers. The modern style of boho, which appeared in the late 60s of the 20th century, combines several areas:

hippies – echoes of this style are noticeable in motley colors and deliberate negligence inherent in boho; Boho style is disheveled hair, clothes with traces of socks (stretched sweaters and sweaters, jeans with tears and scuffs);
Gypsies – flared skirts on the floor of motley material came in the style of boho from Gypsies;
ethno – a full-fledged boho is impossible without ethnic notes. They are manifested in intricate ornaments and an abundance of jewelry (bracelets and necklaces made of wooden beads, leather, woven and wicker jewelry, pendants resembling amulets of ancient shamans);
vintage – embossed fabric, items with ruffles and ruffles, large ornaments with natural stones can be found at flea markets or in the attic;
eco – along with variegated colors in the boho style natural unpainted fabrics (linen, cotton), natural wood as decoration are used; among modern adherents of boho, there are a lot of vegetarians and animal rights defenders, therefore such materials in their clothes as leather and fur are more often artificial.
Anyone can buy things in a boho style and make a good outfit – outfit with boho elements at the height of fashion. But a complete wardrobe in the style of boho is for those who lead a free lifestyle, are interested in art, are friends with creativity and find themselves in creative activities.

The main elements of the style of boho
Women who value freedom from stereotypes choose the boho style – the essence of this stylistic direction is in finding oneself, in demonstrating an unobtrusive protest against modern canons of beauty and the rules of changeable fashion.

Bohemian features are:

natural materials;
natural colors;
ethnic or avant-garde ornaments;
comfortable shoes, lack of studs;
numerous accessories and jewelery;
bulky items – flared, oversized;
lace and knitwear;
Boho style dresses are high-waisted floor styles, multi-layered skirts, and lace ruffles. At the top there can be thin straps, tied at the shoulders, or sleeves ¾, flared just above the elbow. Linen dress in boho style – the best option for those who have just started to form a bohemian wardrobe. It can be worn in hot weather with sandals or on cool days with cowboy boots and a jumper oversized.

Boho shoes are the absence of high heels and elements that can cause discomfort in socks. Choose sandals on a low run, espadrilles, mules without a heel in the East Asian style, cowboy boots on a low steady heel, sometimes a small wedge is allowed.

Much attention is paid to accessories. Jewelry made from wooden beads, bracelets made from leather patches, laces, shells, animal pendant pendants, feather jewelry, handmade lace and knitted jewelry, bags with fringe, similar to the bag on the drawstring – this is useful for shaping stylish bohemian images.

Where do not wear boho
Bohemian style is relevant and popular, so stylists tend to adapt it to the daily life of a modern woman to the maximum. Linen sarafan in natural shade with a high waistline mid-thigh, decorated with cotton lace – a great choice for a walk and for a romantic date.

A multi-layered skirt made of crushed fabric in a colorful ornament, a stretched jumper worn over a plaid shirt, a worn backpack with a fringe and about ten rings on the fingers is an ambiguous outfit. It is unlikely that you can go to the store, not to mention the official events. Nevertheless, a similar image in the style of boho is in demand – this is how musicians, artists, young people working in the show business dress, in general, those who can afford extravagant images.

Do not use the boho style in clothes in the office, in the theater, at ceremonial and official receptions, for which a strict dress code is registered. In the absence of such, you can create a bohemian-style outfit for work or purchase a charming boho-style evening dress.

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