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Business fashion – how to stylishly dress in the office

Business lady and gray mouse – how similar are these concepts? The image of a business woman implies a laconic hairstyle, a minimum of makeup, modest jewelry and clothes of strict cut without elaborate details, intricate elements and bright shades. But this does not mean that all office clothes are of the same type.

Our advice will help you to look stylish and fit the working mood.

Elements of office style
Each office has its own rules, they are set by the authorities, but there are general recommendations for work orders. Business clothes for women are a suit that can be of three types:

jacket + pants;
jacket + skirt;
jacket + dress.
The first two types of suits require an additional item of clothing, such as a strict blouse, shirt, turtleneck, thin pullover for winter or a sleeveless top for the summer. If the dress code is strict, only shirts and blouses with a shirt cut are allowed.

Strict business dress code means stockings or pantyhose with a skirt or dress, even in summer. From shoes – classic pumps on medium heels with a closed pointed cape and a closed heel. In a loose setting, you can wear office shoes with an open cape or heel, neat oxfords or loafers, ankle boots and high boots.

Office clothes for women, although it implies a strict silhouette and classic styles, but different variety. Carefully pick up things – the outfit should sit perfectly on the figure. For women pears, a shortened jacket and pencil skirt are recommended, owners of the “inverted triangle” figure – a skirt with a basques, full of apple girls – loose blouses.

Comfortable to wear and look elegant fashionable dresses for the office. Ideal length – to the knee or midi, skirt straight or narrowed. Sheath dress is combined with blazers, and in the cold season a dress-dress with a square neck, under which a blouse or a turtleneck is worn, will become a stylish option.

Stylish office combinations
To be stylish, to look attractive, to demonstrate knowledge of fashion trends, but to match the working environment is possible! Office fashion allows deviations from the usual strict suits and offers other options – comfortable, beautiful and elegant.

Cardigan – knitted jacket will replace the jacket of costume fabric. We chose an elongated tight-knit cardigan, put it on with straight, light-colored trousers and a blouse with an original collar, supplemented with versatile beige boats and a bag with black trim. Warm colors, soft yarn and a cozy style make the image ideal for autumn, while the outfit is strict and neat.

Office clothes for women

A print is a cell, a strip, an abstraction, and even floral motifs. And this is not all that can be carried to the office, but it should be done with taste – pay attention to the colors. We chose a pencil skirt in a cage – the print consists of white, black and red colors, we will use them in the selection of other elements of the bow. A black blazer and a white blouse are a perfect mix for the job, as are black pumps. Take the bag red, making the image brighter.

Fashionable office dresses

Shorts – suit pants in warm weather, replace the neat shorts. Put on a white sleeveless shirt, stylish watches and pointed boats. You can complete the image with a belt with a metal buckle. Shorts – office clothes, which gives a feeling of comfort and confidence. Choose straight knee-length shorts, models with cuffs and options with arrows.

Fashion for office

Fluffy skirt – a harmonious option for women with narrow hips. The flared midi skirt is combined with a short, fitted vest and boat shoes. It is recommended to choose a strict shirt, the combination of a dark skirt and a snow-white shirt will be ideal.

What to wear to the office

Such images correspond to the office dress code, but at the same time help you to express yourself and demonstrate refined taste. Deciding what to wear to the office, we advise you to figure out what things to wear to work is not recommended.

What not to wear to the office
When choosing a work outfit, remember that office clothes should not correspond to the position you occupy, but the one you want to occupy. Even if employees are allowed to dress in casual style in the department, we recommend choosing a smart casual outfit. But some things have no place in the office, even if the boss gave you complete freedom in choosing the attire:

leggings and leggings;
sportswear and shoes;
moccasins and espadrilles;
pantolets and sandals;
frank neckline and skirts above mid-thigh;
baggy bags without frame;
textile hair accessories – replace the hairpins. If it is convenient for you to use an elastic band, let it be leather or under the skin.
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Office clothes for girls are diverse, every business woman can choose a beautiful outfit, so do not abuse accessories. Even the traditional thing for work – a jacket, can be the main part of the image.

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