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Suede dresses – trend combination rules

Suede shoes, gloves and bags have become a classic and loved by women of fashion. Designers offer us to use suede in an unusual role – to wear dresses.

Modern suede is soft and pleasant to the touch, so dresses from it are comfortable and varied in styles. Consider a few stylish images with suede dresses and learn how to wear a novelty by the rules.

What to wear with suede dresses
Designers insist that such dresses be added to the wardrobe of all fashionistas. Suede is appropriate as part of a business kit, suitable for shopping or walking, it can be put on a date and adapted to sports shoes. Take a look at a bright dress made of faux suede straight cut – it is combined with sneakers of the same shade. Mint-colored accessories smooth out aggressiveness and make it almost universal.

Faux Suede Dress

The next undisputed trend of the year is a suede dress with fringe. The image with the blue dress and peach additions will look on the slim lady.

Burgundy dress and cream accessories – retro look bow. These kits are recommended for girls under 40 years old, and older women of fashion risk looking ridiculous.

Autfit in natural shades with a short dress and open boots is perfect for fans of ethnic style. The outfit looks cozy and colorful.

Brown suede

Trendy with brown suede
The most versatile is brown suede. Dresses in brown colors are ideal for the office and for an evening out. See how soft a brown midi length pencil pencil dress with a blue pullover looks. At the same time, the kit is concise, suitable for work or school. For a walk outfit can also be used.

A simple tan dress case is a better choice for the office. If you combine it with a shortened leather jacket and black accessories, you can get a spectacular outfit for a business woman.
If you are going to take off the jacket in the office, it is desirable to add a black strap to the dress to emphasize the waist, or a pendant on a chain.
And now imagine the same dress with a colorful scarf and bright shoes – a different mood and cheerful image.
In cool weather, wear a white fur coat and white stockings to the dress – a luxurious outfit will come out.
For autumn, look for a pair of brown dress, red shoes and the same quilted or leather vest.
A light-colored oversized sweater with a narrow suede dress and a cozy oversized look.
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Faux Suede Dress

Keep in mind that suede tends to shine and wear itself out in exploited places, so it is not recommended to wear it every day if you have to sit for a long time.

Romantic image
Creating a romantic mood is simple – choose a dress suede or from natural fabric in pastel shades. We stopped at one of the most fashionable colors of this season – lilac-gray and diluted it with yellow patches. A more delicate onion is obtained if you replace yellow with light pink or white.

Young girls can try on a flared short pink dress in the style of baby dol or blue to the floor on thin straps. Clothing emphasizes the fragility of the silhouette and the charm of youth.

When you go on a date, put on a little black suede dress – this is a universal outfit. It is necessary to supplement it with light accessories. Beige shoes and a similar shawl with golden decorations will do.

Another option is a mint-colored jacket or cardigan and the same clutch, shoes can be black. Be careful not to overdo the suede dress jewelery – it can get lost and lose luxury. Any suede thing is self-sufficient.

How to wear full girls
Corporal ladies can wear any suede garments. If we consider the model of dresses, suede is usually used in concise variants, but there are draperies, as in the proposed photo.
A deep triangular neckline stretches the silhouette, and the vertical straps on the shoes make the legs visually slimmer. If the neckline is too deep, you can wear a thin shirtfront or top gang under the bottom.

Use narrow and deep cuts to draw out the silhouette.
Asymmetry helps to divert attention from problem areas.
For the figure “apple” fit the model with the smell.
Girls with full legs and wide hips are recommended fitted dresses to the floor.
If you have slender legs, wear dresses with a slit.
A perfect choice for fashionable women with curvy shapes is a suede shirt dress. If your problem is a protruding tummy, choose a straight cut. Owners of the A-silhouette are recommended options for a belt with patches on the shoulders and patch pockets on the chest. If your figure is a rectangle, you can “make” the waist with a wide belt.

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