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What to wear with a raincoat – trendy tips for fashionistas

Throwing on a raincoat, you can transform any outfit, making it feminine and elegant. A raincoat resembles a dress, so even if you wear it with jeans or sports shoes, your look will always be elegant.

We bring to your attention the most harmonious outfits with a raincoat – no matter what style you prefer, such outerwear will be a good addition to your wardrobe.

Black cloak
Classic black can be combined with things of any color, but it is recommended to avoid dark brown. A black total bow with a raincoat is not the best choice. The outfit will look grim. But if you prefer the Gothic style, let’s say this option – add a costume with silver metal accessories.

For business lady
This may be a sheath dress or trouser suit in gray tones. Brunettes can dilute outfit with white details – a shirt, a cravat, a handbag. A blonde woman with a warm skin tone will suit a beige dress and the same shoes.

Dressing in rock style, pick up lace-up boots and leather pants. A more sophisticated look comes with a leather mini skirt and a slinky top. It is important to choose the right shoes. Suitable for stiletto heels or stocking boots without a heel. Leather coat can be worn over a light chiffon dress, in which case shoes should also be leather.

What to wear with leather coat

A black cloak of medium length in combination with a flared dress with a large colorful ornament will suit as a casual outfit. If you like comfort, wear bright blue jeans and a white printed jersey. From the shoes you can pick up slippers, sneakers or sneakers.

Beige cloak
Women’s modern raincoat is a classic trench coat or trench coat. Its integral parts are a turn-down collar with lapels, patches on the shoulders, wide cuffs with buttons and a belt in the same raincoat, which designers suggest not to fasten with a buckle, but tie with a knot. If you wear a raincoat unbuttoned, the ends of the belt can be put in the pockets of the trench.

A beige trench coat is no less versatile than a classic black cloak. A little black sheath dress and beige court shoes are an amazing outfit that will suit a business woman and a fatal beauty. The incredible chic combination will captivate the imagination of any man. Do not forget about a laconic miniature clutch and a scarf, which should be expensive at least in appearance, because it plays the role of a necklace.

The opposite mood is outfit – trench and jeans. Mid-thigh length trench or knee length is best worn with skinny pants or skinny. If you choose ankle boots, let them match in color with the pants. You should not wear a beige raincoat, black pants and beige ankle boots – this combination will shorten the legs. Elegant boats, open ballet flats, rough oxfords or practical loafers will do.

Raincoat beige female

A beige trench coat with a vest looks harmonious, especially if you add a detail of red in the image, at least lipstick. Light blue jeans and a plaid shirt combine well with a beige trenchcoat. Try on trendy sweatshirts of different shades with bright skinny or flared skirts. A sophisticated combination of a trench coat with short denim shorts or leather shorts. Lightweight blouses or knitted T-shirts are suitable as the top – in any case, the trench will play the role of a certain frame for the rest of the clothes.

Colorful coat
A bright cape is a great opportunity to bring cheerful notes to an autumn rainy day.

You can use the technique of drawing up an image called color-block, when several bright contrasting colors are presented in the form of large blocks. Try to wear a yellow raincoat, pink rubber boots, take a large green bag and keep an eye out for bright green tights. Your positive mood will be appreciated by everyone around you!

A bright raincoat can also be combined with clothes of achromatic shades. If the shade is not dark, but bright, you can prefer black clothes and shoes. To refresh your face, use a blue-blue print scarf. The combination of a blue raincoat and white clothes is perfect for a retro or nautical look. A blue raincoat, a vest, white pants or semi-overalls, a red strap or a handbag is a harmonious set.

What to wear with a red cape

If not every girl dares to dress in a red dress, then a red cloak is a calmer thing. Black clothes with a red cloak need to be combined with caution. Always choose concise styles and monochromatic colors, otherwise the outfit may acquire folk notes. The combination of a red raincoat with a green dress, skirt or trousers of a rich shade is not recommended, but things of mint color will do. A delicate set will come out of a red trench and beige items, you can add white accessories. Harmoniously looks red cloak with a blue dress.

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