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What are you wearing culottes for – the fashion of the past is back

Culottes are wide women’s pants about the length of the middle of the calf, which often resemble a skirt. Such trousers were worn in the distant 60s, and today the fashion for them comes back – culottes in trend! Not every girl is ready to replenish her wardrobe with a similar model of trousers, the whole thing is in their unusual style.

However, culottes are versatile and easy to get used to. Let’s get rid of fears and misunderstandings about this fashionable thing and find out who the culottes go with and what to wear them with.

Some important tips
Culottes are easy to wear, they are suitable for women of fashion with any type of figure. But, nevertheless, putting on wide cropped trousers, you have to solve at least three questions.

Custom length steals height. Visually, you will appear lower than you really are. For tall girls, this is not a problem at all, they can safely wear any culottes – women’s tricks will not be needed here. Ladies of small stature have two main solutions – high-heeled shoes or a model of trousers with a high waistline. We also recommend using vertical lines at the bottom of the silhouette, these can be stripes on trousers or a T-shaped strap on shoes. To keep your legs longer, pick your shoes to match the color of your pants.
Loose fit increases thigh volume. Only girls with a pear-shaped figure should worry about this. Choose monochromatic dark colored culottes, avoid shiny materials. Do not wear pants with voluminous elements in the upper part – patch pockets, massive thigh straps, etc. But to emphasize with a belt waist must necessarily – your figure will look feminine and seductive.
Culottes look old fashioned. The first option is to give in to a retro-mood and form a vintage look, wearing a jacket of the same fabric with culottes and adding classic-style shoes to the outfit. As an accessory you can prefer a hat. Jeans and culottes look no worse than trousers, they can be worn with a bat-style blouse and pumps on stiletto heels. The second option is to act on the contrary and to include in your outfits a maximum of cutting-edge elements, including materials and prints.
Forming an image with culottes, it is desirable to balance the volume in the lower part of the silhouette with a fitted top, but, having well adjusted, you can make harmonious bows with wide trousers and a free top.

Casual look
For a casual look, culottes made from a variety of materials. In hot weather, choose cotton or linen, in the cool season – wool, denim, corduroy, thick knitwear, artificial materials.

In the summer, wear blouses and tops without sleeves, as well as T-shirts, girls pears suit T-shirts. Fashionable women with a good figure can safely wear culottes with a high waist, complete with a crop top.

Culottes jeans

Looks very modern tandem culottes and sweatshirts. From outerwear fit both shortened jackets to the waist, and long coats and cardigans. Not only everyone’s favorite universal casual is suitable for every day.

What to wear culottes in the framework of narrower styles?

Sea style
Dark blue culottes with a white fitted top or striped vest, textile shoes without a heel and a pair of accessories in red are a sophisticated look in a nautical style. Both a large beach bag and a small bag with a long shoulder strap will do.


Business style
If you work in an office, a business suit is what you wear every day. In hot weather, you can wear short cropped trousers in neutral colors, a sleeveless jacket made of the same fabric and pumps. In the offseason, wear boots with high tops, insulated jacket or coat.

Safari style
Choose culottes from fine natural fabric in beige and sand shades, complement them with a white alcoholic T-shirt or a light shirt with chest pockets, a leather brown bag over the shoulder, wedge sandals. You can tie a thin light scarf around your neck.

Boho style
If you try, you can fit culottes and in the bohemian style. Choose pants with a small colorful ornament. If trousers are plain, wear an elongated pock-up tunic or tie a colored scarf over the hips. Choose shoes on a flat sole with abundant decor in the style of handmade, do not forget about the abundance of jewelry – bracelets, pendants with long laces, earrings with pendants made of plastic, yarn, leather and similar materials.


Sport style
Initially, the culottes in the women’s wardrobe were used for sports. Everything has changed, but such pants can still be worn with sports shoes – sneakers, sneakers, slip-on sneakers. As the top fit T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, olympic sweatshirts, short windbreakers.

Full culottes

Every girl will be able to wear culottes every day, because they are almost universal and unpretentious about their neighbors’ things.

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