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Fashionable dresses with floral print – summer trend

Looking through the new collections of famous designers, we can conclude that the floral ornament is one of the most fashionable this season.

Summer dresses with a floral print impress with an assortment of shades and styles – these are not only colorful sundresses for every day, but also luxurious evening dresses, elegant cocktail dresses and even strict solutions for a business lady. How and with what to wear a dress in a flower – depends on the season and the place where you are going to go.

Flower Print – Basic Rules
Flower ornament should not be too much. Putting on a dress with a floral print, pick a solid cardigan, a raincoat or a waistcoat. Exceptions are costumes, for example, a sleeveless dress and a bolero made of the same fabric. This kit looks like one thing.
It is not necessary to combine flowers with other prints. A checkered jacket and leopard leggings immediately put aside. A knitted cardigan, even if it is solid, should also be as smooth as possible, otherwise the ornament on the knitted fabric will compete with the print on the dress.
Let the accessories and additions be in one of the shades present on the dress. If you wear a green dress, covered with daisies, you can add white sandals and a yellow clutch to it.
Flower accessories are acceptable, but only in moderation. Dress in a small flower can be supplemented with a large hairpin in the form of a bud.
Consider the features of the figure when choosing a dress – an intricate ornament distorts the proportions of the silhouette.
If you have pale skin, it is better to choose rich colors and variegated patterns. Dark-skinned ladies will look great in a dress with flowers on a white, cream, light beige background. However, these tips are not exact instructions – the role is played by hair color, color type (cold or warm), the format of the event, as well as the personal preferences of the fashionable woman.
The more intricate the print, the simpler the style of the dress should be. Numerous flounces, ruffles and draperies on fabrics with floral patterns will be superfluous.
We select the dress on the figure
Let’s start with slender young ladies – it is precisely slender girls who wear small-flowered dresses. Such an ornament emphasizes the fragility of the silhouette, and in combination with a flared cut can visually add to the figure the missing volume.

If you want your figure to look more appetizing, wear light floral dresses in various shades of white, pink, blue, and peach.

Fit slender fashionistas and dresses with large ornaments. It is desirable that the print is located symmetrically, and the buds or their clusters were in those parts of the silhouette that you want to make visually more rounded – chest, thighs, buttocks.

Lush girls are advised to wear a black dress with medium-sized flowers – a win-win for an elegant look. Other shades will suit every day, as long as the print is not too small or too large.

In the case of a non-standard figure, you can resort to tricks. If you have a pear-shaped figure, purchase a dress with a floral fabric bodice and a plain dark skirt. If you have broad shoulders and large breasts, try on a dress with a flowered skirt and a plain bodice without sleeves.

How to wear a dress with flowers

If it seems to you that a dress in a floral print will look too defiant at you, select a product with floral inserts. For example, a wide vertical stripe with flowers in the middle of the dress and plain side parts – this approach will help make the figure more slender.

Where to wear dresses with flowers?
The current floral print can be used in any situation, it is important to choose the right style, the nature of the print itself, as well as accessories to the dress.

Summer images
Summer flower dress is, first of all, a light dress with or without shoulder straps. Such a thing is perfect for the country style – choose a sundress in a small flower and complement it with a straw hat. On the top, you can throw a pastel-colored cardigan or denim shirt.

Dress with floral print

Dress in the floor with a floral print in rich colors is suitable for walking on the beach, bright colors are in perfect harmony with tanned skin. Owners of slender legs can safely choose short sundresses, complementing them with plain-colored gladiator sandals.

Office combination
Dress with flowers in the office can be worn with a strict jacket in white, beige, burgundy or black. Choose the style “case” up to the knee, and the print should be as restrained as possible. Look at the products, where the pattern is different from the background just a couple of tones.

Dress dark cherry shade with flowers in burgundy performance will be appropriate in a strict working environment, while you earn the reputation of a real fashionista and will look very feminine.

Evening options
Long dresses with a floral print can play the role of an evening dress, if you go on a date.

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