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Little dress - five rules that every lady should know
A small dress is that universal thing that can be put on when there is nothing to wear. Legendary Coco Chanel came up with a little black dress as the…

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Grunge style in clothes – chaotic combinations of things

If you are tired of indulging in the whims of changeable fashion, in your soul lies a protest against glamor and luxury that you would like to demonstrate to society, then the grunge style is just for you.

Fans and fans of the grunge style are mostly young people, but often the older generation allow themselves to dress deliberately sloppy, ignoring the trends and recommendations of stylists.

Good news for fans of grunge – this style returns to fashion podiums again among the current trends. Let’s find out if there are rules for opponents of glamor, and how Kurt Cobain fans dress up.

Grunge style features
Kurt Cobain is a well-known musician who founded the Nirvana group in the late 80s. Fans and admirers of his work took on the style of dressing their idol.

The so-called grungeists looked, to put it mildly, like homeless people, but this is exactly what the girls and young people wanted. Grungeists protested against glamor, luxury and chic, it was the cry of the soul of those who grew up in poverty and could not afford to wear fashionable expensive things.

Ripped, frayed jeans, stretched sweaters in the pellets, cheap flannel shirts, matted hair — that was how the grunge style looked. His followers tried to prove to society that spiritual values ​​are more important than material values. You should not think about how you look externally, the main thing is what is inside you.

But there was a man who did not hesitate to demonstrate the grunge style on fashion catwalks. In the early 90s, designer Marc Jacobs released a collection in the grunge style, inspired by the work of grunge music bands, as well as the outfits of simple youth of that time.

The designer specially went to nightclubs, made sketches right on the streets. And what is surprising – the collection was a success. And while other fashion gurus were skeptical and even disdainful of this decision, the popularity of Marc Jacobs today shows that he did not lose.

Photos in grunge style emit a kind of charm, from dresses without rules breathes freedom. Grunge is recognized as the most provocative trend among modern fashion trends.

Must kev clothes of this style
The grunge style in clothes resembles both hippie and punk styles. The first thing you need to buy if you seriously decide to become a grungeist is a flannel shirt, preferably in a cage. An important clarification – buy things in second-hand or commissioning, with traces of socks, a couple sizes larger. Thus, grunge fans remind others about the children of the 90s, who could not afford to buy a new thing and wear cheap flannels for their parents, elder brothers and sisters.
A shirt can be worn over a stretched alcoholic T-shirt or a faded T-shirt featuring a favorite grunge artist, as well as a knit on the hips. Jumpers and cardigans in oversized style, with pellets and missed loops. Coats and jackets should also be worn, a size or two larger than what you usually wear.

Grunge in clothes

Grunge-style jeans are ripped and frayed options, and you should not buy models with artificial holes in the boutique – it’s better if you tear your jeans yourself.

If you bought worn jeans at a thrift shop, they are likely to break without problems. Choose a free style, color – low-key, mostly dark. For the summer, shorts made of jeans with raw edges will become an indispensable thing.

Grunge photo

Never wonder if your T-shirt fits your pants, if your clothes match color – grunge means no rules or aesthetics. Popular among the grunge artists is the multi-layeredness – a shirt unbuttoned or unbuttoned halfway over a T-shirt, and a jacket or jacket on top.

Shorts can be worn over nylon tights, deliberately torn in several places. A light sundress in a small flower with falling shoulder straps can be worn with men’s trousers or flared jeans.

Grunge style shoes
Most often, the pioneers of the direction of the grunge wore voluminous jackets and sweaters. They did not care how they look, but, at least in order to feel comfortable, such a voluminous top had to be supplemented with a massive bottom, that is, shoes.

Grunge shoes

It is best to buy worn army boots with thick soles like “grinders” or “martins”. Such grunge shoes are very comfortable, the fans of “Alice in Chains”, “Soundgarden”, “Pearl Jeam” never wear studs or other elegant shoes.

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Grunge style hairstyle
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