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How to look stylish
A corporate party is a bit unusual holiday. People who work together every day, being for each other not only colleagues, but also bosses, as well as subordinates, relax here…

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How to look stylish

A corporate party is a bit unusual holiday. People who work together every day, being for each other not only colleagues, but also bosses, as well as subordinates, relax here in an informal setting. What outfit to choose for such an event?

This is probably the only opportunity to appear before the other employees in clothes that do not correspond to the dress code, but is it worth it to try hard to make an impression? Let’s pick up a stylish, but at the same time relevant outfit for corporate parties.

Fatal image
If you work in a reputable firm, and the management conducts corporate in a prestigious restaurant, you will need a new dress, high-quality shoes and expensive jewelry.

Dress for corporate

If the event will take place after 19.00, the dress for the corporate event should be evening, that is, long, made of monophonic fabric.

What to wear to corporate

You should not dress in dresses with a high neckline on a skirt or with a deep neckline, as well as in corsetted dresses. If you have a slim figure, and you want to show it, choose a tight-fitting style, a neckline on the back is welcome – this detail allows you to look spectacular, but it does not matter.

Dress for corporate

What to wear on corporate during day time? A cocktail dress complete with expensive jewelry and high heels will be appropriate.

What to wear to corporate

Stylish romantic image
The party is a great excuse to throw off the mask of strictness and be as feminine as possible. If you are tired of black and white suits, choose a romantic image for yourself. Choose dresses for corporate 2016 in soft pastel shades, use airy fabrics – organza, chiffon. However, these materials must be present in the dress in limited quantities, because we are talking about a winter holiday.

Corporate in style

If it is not possible to purchase a new dress, put on a corporate skirt and elegant blouse or top. The pencil skirt is in perfect harmony with a slouchy silk blouse, and a flared skirt with a fitted satin or guipure top.

Image on corporate

Theme Party – the best images
Now it has become fashionable to hold New Year’s corporate parties in retro style. In this case, a specific period is always negotiated. For example, if this is the 20s of the last century, you will need a straight knee-length dress with a low waistline – you can spy on the image of the heroes of the film “The Great Gatsby”.

In the 1930s, glamor appeared – these are luxurious evening dresses, sparkling decorations, fur boas and long curls.

The 50s are dresses with flared midi skirts and fitted bodice, the most feminine silhouettes.

In the 60s, mini-skirts and trousers-palazzo appear.

Corporate skirt

The 70s are flared jeans, turtlenecks, shirt dresses and tunic dresses, well, you can wear bright leggings and a bat top to the party in the style of the 80s.

If the theme of the evening is free, you can come up with absolutely any image for corporate. The main thing – remember that this is not a matinee in kindergarten. Forget about cats, bees, angels. An interesting option – folklore, become a Russian beauty, an Indian princess or Jasmine from a fairy tale.

You can copy the image of a famous superhero, but be wary of overly revealing outfits – Catwoman in latex overalls will not work, but the Super Girl in a skirt and cloak will look very cute.

General advice on the selection of the image
The coming year according to the Eastern calendar will be the Year of the Fire Monkey, so astrologers recommend holding the New Year corporate party in red robes. But it is better to refrain from such bold experiments and leave the red dress directly for New Year’s Eve, and put on something less catchy for a holiday with colleagues.

Do not forget that among those present will be not only your colleagues, but also the authorities. No need to wear transparent tops and too short skirts, otherwise your decency and reliability as an employee may be in doubt. If there are women in the leadership, be even more careful when choosing a dress for the New Year corporate party 2016, so as not to overshadow the superior employees with your brilliance. Ladies painfully tolerate such situations, why risk a premium, or even a position?

Be sure to consider your type of figure, picking outfit. If you are the owner of a V-silhouette, wear a strapless dress with a full skirt, A-silhouette will help balance the dress with a thin loose skirt and sleeves-lanterns, the O-shape will make a more slender dress with a smell, and the lack of a waist can be disguised the tone of the dress.

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